Wednesday, August 19, 2015

News Digest and Links: What I've Been Keeping Up With

It's easy to repost news stories on Twitter for Twitter followers, but I feel the audience that reads this blog may also find these to be of interest so today I'm making these available here for your reading pleasure:

CCOF Enhances Transitional Certification for Organic-Aspiring Farms

Farmers have to wait three years for organic certification, but today a new program enables farmers in the three year transition to label their products with a new "in transition" label.

While it's a useful label for food producers, its impact on wine is unknown.

Napa: County will study monitoring of agricultural wells

"Most well owners have groundwater extraction limits that cannot be enforced by the county," says the story, quoting a grand jury report. The county is also looking at how to recycle water for use in irrigating landscaping and agriculture.

Wine writer Richard Hemmings has an excellent piece on how the prices of great wines have soared and why: 1%ers.

'The reason why wine has become exponentially pricier within a single generation correlates precisely with the rise of global wealth - or more precisely, the rise of the global wealthiest. Oxfam recently reported that the richest 1 percent in the world now owns 48 percent of its wealth..."

Marketwatch reports on new stackables - wine by the glass in to go bottles - now on sale at Walmart. (Not organic - but wouldn't it be great is there was an organic brand in this space?)

Food tank: World Premiere of Food Tank's Award Winning Documentary Man in the Maze (VIDEO FREE TO VIEW)

Foot Tank - which works with the James Beard Foundation on food activism issues - premieres this 8 minute film about the amazing Gary Paul Nabhan and what's happening with food waste on the Mexican border, where 30+% of our fresh food comes from. Breathtaking opening segment...and heart rendering stories.

"Man In The Maze" | Sundance Short Film Challenge from Sundance Institute on Vimeo.

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