Monday, August 25, 2014

Wine Geek Chic - Even Eyrie's Vintage Pickup Truck Ages Well

Eyrie's got historic bona fides in spades already - as (now famously) the first Oregon Pinot in Willamette Valley (when it was thought completely nutty)...maker of ageworthy wines (tasting room visitors can routinely taste library wines)...choice terroir (from the largest lava flow in the world)...and the old time-iest wine web site ever (complete with downloadable order form for buying wines, which you then mail or fax to the winery). But wait - there's more. 

Here are pictures of the winery's pickup. The same pickup truck is still in use...40 years later. It's got a name, right? Ma Joad (of Grapes of Wrath fame). 


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it - after 48 years of farming organically, Eyrie decided it was okay to get certified. Six of the 2011 and 2012 wines are from the "in transition" vines; the 2013's will be officially from the officially certified era.

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