Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Syrah That's a Steal - 2010 Qupé K & L Wines Special Release Syrah - Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard - $19.95 a Bottle

I don't often recommend specific wines. But in this case, I'll make an exception as this wine is, pardon the cliché, one of the steals of the year.

I don't know how they do this, but K &L Wine Merchants in partnership with Qupé, puts out a 100 cases of this K & L Sawyer Lindquist Qupé Syrah for only $19.95.

Bottled under the Qupé label the regular Sawyer Lindquist Syrah lists for $45 and sells at retail for around $34+. This is the wine Eric Asimov, New York Times wine writer, and a select few from New York wine shops, found to be the best Syrah from California back in January of this year. For the 2010 vintage. The Sawyer Lindquist Qupé Syrah.

Last year, I bought just one bottle - to test it out - and by the time I realized how fabulous it was, there was no more left. Boo hoo. Suddenly, it reappeared (a year later now) on the web site.

I just - happily - ordered a case. If you're feeling the days of summer waning, and looking forward to some delicious reds for the fall and winter season, your ship has just come in. If you're luxuriating in the final throes of BBQ season, ponder no more. 80 cases left. Hop to it.

Note: In addition to its wine CV, this Syrah is Biodynamically grown and is made without any additives, save sulfites, as a Biodynamic® Wine.

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