Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sorting Grapes? There's a Tool for That: Lemelson's, One of a Kind "The Enterprise"

No running up and down ladders constantly during grape sorting at sirree. The Oregon winery, founded by offspring of one of the country's more prolific inventors, came up with this very unique contraption. See it in action here.

They call it, endearingly, "The Enterprise."


The contraption was created in 1999 by "the crazy welder guy" Steven Cornish, at the request of winery owner Eric Lemelson.

A crew of 8 can ride on board, as the forklift delivers yellow bins to them on the "craft." The crew sorts grapes on the shaker table; the conveyor belt sends them to the on board destemmer - and the grapes (all organically grown) head directly into the fermentation tanks.

Nothing like it.

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