Friday, June 1, 2012

Heat: Rose On My Mind

Hot weather this week has put me in a rose state of mind and I've been sampling my way through the Pink section of my cellar.

That's led me to Horse and Plow's rare rose (the 2010 won high praise from the Chronicle) which is a whisper of a rose, and to Beckmen's 2010 Grenache rose, which is at the other end of the flavor intensity spectrum - i.e. a more rounded out rose. There's definitely a there there. It's got a backbone, for a rose, and would stand up perhaps to some BBQ even...

But I think my current favorite is the one in the middle - the brand new rose (of Pinot Noir) from up north in Oregon - Cooper Mountain's first ever rose. AND, it's nice to like the one with the lowest price (for once).

Cooper Mountain's biodynamically grown rose sells for $15 a bottle but there's a 20% discount when you buy it by the case - getting the price per bottle down to $12 per bottle. Plus they seem to have an insanely low shipping and handling.

Total for a case shipped to California is $158.44.

But don't take my word for it - try the Beckmen ($18 list/online for $16) as well. (The Horse and Plow is sold out for this year) and see what you think.

Here are a few others I would check out as well:

Atrea - Skid Rose (mostly Malbec) (not widely distributed)
Naughty Boy - Rose ($14) (From Pinot Noir) (not widely distributed)
Verdad Rose ($18/ list/$164/case online retailers) (from Grenache) - one of my all time favorites - order a case online

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