Friday, June 15, 2012

Dashe Cellars: 25% Off Sale - Discount Code "Summer 25"

Use the discount code "Summer25" to get 25% off all Dashe Cellars through June 19!

The winery usually has a summer BBQ and offers this discount. This year they've had to skip the event, but are still offering the promotional pricing.

Organically grown options from Dashe are from several top Mendo growers:

McFadden's grapes fuel two of my favorite Dashe selections:

A dry Riesling ($20 - $15 on sale).
A Beaujolais style wine (light and young) made from Zinfandel ($24 - $18 on sale)

Heart Arrow Ranch
Heart Arrow Ranch, a paragon of biodynamic-ness, sells their Zinfandel grapes to Dashe, who makes them into another on-the-light-side Zinfandel ($24).

If you wanted to have a bit of fun, you could also try a tasting of the McFadden-sourced Dashe wines with McFadden's own wines made from the same grapes. You can order them online here.

Learn more about their Riesling here ($18).

(They usually sell their own traditional Zin but it doesn't appear on the web site at this time. They do have a higher end Zin blend called Coro Mendocino).

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  1. Thanks Pam!

    Our 2009 McFadden Old Vine Zinfandel sold out in about 4 months - we made what we thought was a year's worth, but it was amazingly delicious and flew out of the tasting room faster than any wine we ever produced.

    Our 2010 McFadden Old Vine Zinfandel will sell out even faster, look for it to be released October-ish.

    We did hold back 3 cases of the 2009 Old Vine Zinfandel and will pour through it at our Wine Club Dinner at McFadden Farm on July 14, so there is one more chance to taste the yumminess!

    Thanks for your incredible support Pam; we promise to keep it organically grown!