Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Photos: Killing Time at the Ferry Plaza Wine Shop

I had some time to kill before taking a ferry back to the East Bay last night, so I wandered into the wine shop there to see if they had any organically grown wines on hand. Although they number well under 5% of the wines in the store, the shop does have some fine selections. Here is a sampling of what I found, ranging in price from about $20-40.

Of course, it would be nice if the wine shop had a section of organically grown wines specifically showcased...perhaps it would help if you mentioned it to them if you visit the shop.

In the meantime, look for these fine wines wherever they're sold:

Porter Bass is a beautiful vineyard that makes only small lots. It's definitely on the list of the top 10 most scenic vineyard locations in the state. They also grow and sell grapes to other vintners, including Flowers.

Atrea is the unoaked wines made by Saracina, owned by the eldest of the Fetzer brothers, John. This white Rhone blend is popular on restaurant wine lists - it's affordable at $20 a bottle.

Yorkville Cellars' Semillon won a top prize at the annual Chronicle Wine Competition this year. 

Saracina's Chardonnay

This is one of the finest Cabernets you probably never heard of. I haven't yet visited these folks (famed organic viticulturists, they manage many Napa acreas) at their own place in Angwin

Jim Fetzer's Lake County winery (a beautiful destination) makes mostly (if not all) biodynamically grown wines. 

Porter Bass'  Zin is a treat.

My camera started doing strange things, but this bottle of Neal Family Zin is another great find. It looks normal on the shelf. My camera must have created its own "Cubist" or "David Hockney" setting. (Hear that, Instagram?)

Porter Bass isn't easily found in wine shops, so it's lovely to see all three of their wines here.
One of the best Zins going - a winner of a Top 100 Wine last year from the SF Chronicle.

One of my favorite, affordable, boutique wineries - Horse and Plow - is also rarely sold in wine shops, so again, another wine score here. The winery buys grapes from all the best organic (and only organic) growers. 

Another "Cubist" camera trick...but the wine is wonderful. This is Saracina's Malbec, a new offering this year.

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