Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thinking Like an Organic Farmer: Bob Cannard

If there was a Nobel prize for organic farming, it might well go to Bob Cannard. This Sonoma legend is the source of Alice Waters' Chez Panisse vegetables, as well as the teacher/mentor/genius to many. His Petaluma piece of heaven is called Green String Farm.

My friend Deborah Garcia has a new film coming out now - Symphony of the Soil - and because she and her team couldn't fit all the goodies they shot into the 90 minute film, the project has released many snippets in weblet form. She's calling them "Grace Notes."

 Luckily for us, there's a grace note featuring Bob Cannard. One look at this and you will begin to understand why organically grown wine grapes would be so much better than plants grown with pesticides and other chemical oddities of "conventional" agriculture.

But don't listen to me. See Bob for yourself and then you'll get an inkling of what makes agriculture, done right, such a rich and magical brew that satisfies both us and the plants:


For more soil-loving videos, check out Symphony of the Soil's blog.

And remember to look for organically grown wine!

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