Friday, June 15, 2012

Napa Valley Winery Exchange: Two out of 12 Top Summer Picks are Organically Grown

One of my favorite boutique wine shops in SF - Napa Valley Winery Exchange - sent out its summer mailer this week with 12 top picks for the season, all from top California vintners.
Two of my favorite organically grown wines made their list:

1. Horse and Plow Syrah
Grist Vineyard Dry Creek
$25.95 or $22 for wine club members

Only 100 cases made.

2. Patianna Sauvignon Blanc
$17.95 or $15 for wine club members

3,000 cases made.

Napa Valley Winery Exchange features many half bottles of wines, as well, so you can explore more wines without making a major investment.

I also like the fact that their flyer calls out which wines are organically grown. Many wine marketing materials do not.

Both of these producers use only 100% certified organically grown grapes, so you can feel free to buy any of their wares.

Horse and Plow is a rising star. Their rose made the Chronicle's top 100 list last year. They purchase grapes from a variety of fabulous growers in northern California. All of their wines are featured in my forthcoming app.

Patianna is the winery of Patty Fetzer; her biodynamic practices regularly produce healthy, beautiful grapes each year, while other neighboring vineyards have lost their crop to natural causes. Growing in sync with nature's ways has enabled her plants to develop larger root systems and be healthier, enabling them to withstand challenges when they arise.

But mostly, her Sauvignon Blanc just tastes good!

Note: The Pinot Blanc from Skylark grown at Orsi, also on the list, is dry farmed and probably organically grown but is not certified organic.

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