Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Watch Them - Every Single Step of the Way

It is heartbreaking to have to be so vigilant about organically farmed wines, if you're making (as I am) an attempt to support the wines that are made 100% from certified grapes.

So many of the leading wineries in organics and biodynamics also buy grapes from other vineyards that are not certified.

Today I just found out that Bonny Doon's Contra, a highly praised $14 bottle, which won great kudos from Robert Parker, is not 100% organically grown. Mostly but not wholly.

So it's out of the app.

Other wineries that have big org/BD branding but are not organic (certified) all the time include Frog's Leap (buys grapes from those who are "practicing organic") and Tres Sabores. Benziger is another big "organic" brand except when it isn't.

Parducci is also not organic - although they like to make much of their own estate organics, they purchase many grapes from other sources that are not. Therefore none of their wines is 100% organically grown.

One wishes everyone would clearly label what's what on the websites. All too often, they don't.

Kudos to the places that do buy grapes and who only buy certified grapes - like Bonterra, for instance, which has done probably more to promote organic acreage increases than any other winery in the country through its grower programs.

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  1. You are doing great work. Another solid post. We cringe seeing wineries brag about sustainability and organic-ness who are the opposite of either.