Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Foodshed, Milkshed...When Will We Get to the Wineshed?

Cowgirl Creamery's Milk Bar at the SF Ferry Building
Today I was at the ferry building in San Francisco and came across this lovely graphic depiction of where Cowgirl Creamery's milk comes from. Beautiful.

Recently the SF Chronicle published an article about a local food shed event - see here - and described what the term "food shed" means:

"The term was coined in 1929 in Walter Hedden's book "How Great Cities Are Fed" to refer to the physical area defined by a structure of food supply - where it's produced, how it's transported, where it's consumed.

The tomato patch in your garden is an intimate part of your personal foodshed. So is the Chilean orchard that produced the avocados you bought at Costco."
So we could start to think about the wine shed - which is why I started this blog, and am writing the app I am working on.
I can't wait to go to a wine store or supermarket wine dept. one day that has a map of its "Wineshed" on the wall.

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