Monday, November 14, 2011

Coturri's Harvest Party

Coturri Wines, in Sonoma, recently got star billing in Alice Feiring's book Naked Wine, about natural winemaking.

Nature was having its way with Coturri's delightful, homey harvest celebration party (Nov. 5) which must surely be the only winery party that's a combination of host-provided chili and guest-provided potluck.

Gathering on the mountain (that would be Sonoma) were a small, but cheerful band of celebrants, who also got to get premium wines at a bargain ($200 a case, for most of Coturri's wines) and to mingle and make merry under the sheltering patio umbrellas as stormy rains threatened (and later did douse) the gathering.

Walking up the hill to the Coturri winery/barn/home was a great way to take in the fall foliage in the vineyard and surrounding hillsides.

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All of these fabulous wines were on sale for $200 a case!

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