Friday, August 26, 2011

Scenes from the Delicious Revolution's 40th Birthday Party

Alice Waters and the Chez Panisse Foundation's weekend long celebration of Chez Panisse's 40th anniversary began with a bang tonight at the University Art Museum at U.C. Berkeley.

Gov. Jerry Brown and a Smithsonian official offered congratulations and Alice Waters changed the name of the foundation to the Edible Schoolyard Foundation, dedicated to creating edible education into public schools nationwide. 

"Just like we have physicial education in the schools, we will have edible education," Alice said to the crowd who gave her a big hip hip hooray.

Patrons feasted on small treats of fresh produce, prepared in front of them by cadres of foodmakers. The foods were all simple things one could easily make at home in a matter of minutes. 

The weekend continues Saturday with more events at UAM, including the radio show West Coast Live at 10 am (which can  be heard on KALW live and will be available online for a week following the show).

The University Art Museum at Berkeley was transformed into a farmyard
with sheep amid the sculpture and burning fires
Corn was planted along all the sidewalks on Bancroft
Here's the entry food section
These baby sheep feast on vineyard weeds most of the year (except during veraison)
at Artesa and Mondavi and they have been supplying Chez Panisse with lamp for 20 years
There were a variety of food stations - this one served delicious
little soups as well as tamales
I think these soups were my favorite food at the whole event


People were preparing the food live at each food station

Their artisan way with a piece of chalk - if only...

The crowd inside

Little gems with a lovely eggplant and veggies dollop
laddled inside

The food stations and drinks area when you could still actually walk around
(later is was so packed you could hardly move)

Definitely a touch of herbal Bacchus - this liquid was an herbal concoction

The herbal concoction came from these ingredients

Another herbal concoction sampler


Maidens from the parade - Anandamai (who I know from Tail of the Yak and mutual friends) is in the middle

Rose drink (I'd like to try that)

A great photo, eh?

Serving up local cheese

I think they might be asking: where's the BBQ?

My pals Kath Delaney (whose company Madera came up with the Free Speech, Free Lunch slogan and more) and Marissa from Bay Area Green Tours

Berkeleyites heard speeches from Gov. Jerry Brown and a Smithsonian official

Berkeley fashions

The only meat station - little bites

Alas they ran out of the herbal cocktail so I don't know how it tasted (must have been good)

The overall hall

On the way out, people stopped to visit the lambs - who were feeding from a milk bottle

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