Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Documentary Premieres on Natural Wine -Aug. 25!

In a parallel universe, the natural wine movement (as distinct from the organically grown wine movement) is taking off with the premiere of Wines From Here, a new film from the Winobrothers debuting Aug. 25 in SF. Here's the trailer:

Wine From Here - trailer from WinoBrothers on Vimeo.

Alas, much of the natural winemaking movement hasn't been taking certified organically sourced grapes That Seriously. But some of my favorite winemakers who are are in the film including Alex Davis from Porter Creek (maker of my favorite Pinot Noir), Kevin Kelley of Natural Process Alliance, and Josh Jensen of Calera, along with Mike Dashe. Alex, Kevin and Josh are all committed to using 100% certified organic or biodynamic grapes and wineries. Which I like.

Here are their interviews:

A visit to Porter Creek Vineyards from WinoBrothers on Vimeo.

A visit to the Natural Process Alliance from WinoBrothers on Vimeo.

A visit to Calera Wine Company from WinoBrothers on Vimeo.

Philosophies of natural wine from WinoBrothers on Vimeo.

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