Friday, August 5, 2011

Boxed AND Organic - A Rose for You East Coasters

A French rose that's both organic and comes in a box AND a Dr. Vino recommendation: what are you waiting for?

I don't usually recommend foreign wines for us California locavores, but since you may hail from the East Coast (where the food miles from Europe to U.S. via shipping outweigh food miles from California to NY via trucking in carbon emissions terms), this sounds like one to check out.

Dr. Vino also mentions some stealthy uses for wine in box I had not previously considered.

As for you West Coasters, I can recommend my favorite local bottled options (from previous post) - Verdad, Testa, Naughty Boy... Still good. Even amid the summer fog, I find pulling out the rose makes me could be hot again soon.

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