Wednesday, August 17, 2011

But Is the Wine Good?

The more I write this book/app, the more I realize what a disservice we've done to organically grown wines.

Most wine descriptions have about 2-3 sentences in which to tell their story. If you take up 1-2 sentences with talking about how organic or biodynamic or bird-box-driven or solar-powered you are, where's the time to sell people on the actual wine?

This I think is the great strength of this project - it just cuts to the chase.

My goal is to stop people from whining, and saying, "But is the wine good?" which is a very common response when talking about organically grown wine.

In my app, the wines ARE good, to wit:
4 of the wines were featured last year as Top 100 Wines of the Year in the SF Chronicle
2 of the wines have been in the Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Wines (this is pretty amazing because this covers the WHOLE WORLD)

Many of them come from wineries rated three stars by Hugh Johnson or standouts for Robert Parker. (I haven't counted those up yet).

And today, I actually found two more wines - from Napa - and one from Qupe (I wanted to get them in here) and a few more from Bonny Doon (new releases)...and so on.

I now have 200+ wines - and that's without the No Sulfites Added USDA Organic wines (which might merit their own app, I think - at least I would prefer it that way, as I cannot go on writing this app forever and I think they deserve their own special place of their own). Yowsa.

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