Thursday, August 2, 2018

Made with Organic Grapes: Top 10 Bestselling Wines - Tiamo (#10)

I've been checking out some of the data on the top selling wine brands at retailers in selected states to see what wines in the "Made with Organic Grapes" category are getting scooped up by buyers.

In general, the Made with category trend setters reflect the broader trends in wine overall - more sparkling wines, more rosé, and a few debuting lighter reds (lighter than Cabernet) are coming on strong, as well as fruit flavored beverages.

I'll be counting down this list starting with #10 on the "Made with" List (we'll look at the Organic Wine category separately, since they are a different category both in wine quality and consumer focus). The Made with category outsells the no added sulfite Organic Wines 3:1.

With the exception of one producer, all of the wines are table wines priced under $15.

Most of the wine comes from the U.S. but five international producers have also been successful in this end of the U.S. market. One is from Chilé, two are from Argentina and three are from Italy.

Wines #8, #9 and #10 all feature sparkling wines including two offering Proseccos. (None of the top 7 do).

This list is by no means inclusive of all the great fine wines that grace some retailers shelves, but a list from the mass market.

#10 Tiamo - Still, Sparkling, or Canned?

Tiamo's wines come from a wide variety of wine growing regions in Italy and are tuned in to modern tastes offering both still, sparkling and canned wines.

The label is most famous for Prosecco, but it also has a full line of still wines - a Barbera IGT from Lombardy, Chianti DOCG from Tuscany, and Pinot Gris from the Veneto and a Rosé IGT from the Abruzzo.

They're better known for sparkling wines, making a popular Prosecco DOC from the Veneto.

In 2017, Tiamo launched canned wines, including red, white and rosé, which they're marketing as the perfect beach or picnic wine. Have a look:

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