Friday, March 15, 2013

Napa's Organic Vintners: 21 and Counting

I am doing research for a likely book, and have been quite doggedly contacting, visiting and tasting at Napa wineries of late. What a great time of the year to be there - no crowds, and great weather.

As I've been making spreadsheets and counting up thises and thats, it's a pleasure to be able to share with you some of my tallies - I've found 21 wineries that offer all or almost all organically grown wines, using certified fruit.

Not all are made in an organic winery (a new CCOF certification requirement in order to label one's bottle "Made with Organic Grapes") but organic fruit nonetheless, which is generally the international standard for what's called by the rest of the world an organic wine.

Another 15 wineries offer at least 1 and sometimes a few more organically grown wines.

In addition, I've identified 145 wines made from certified organic grapes, many of them among the highest ranking wines in Napa. (I'll be publishing a battle of the high scorers post in the future - [as if wine were an Olympic sport] to highlight some of these creme de la cremers.)

This is all very gratifying to know - we have an amazing group of vintners who take organic viticulture seriously and are making premium and superpremium wines. It's nice to see people at the top of their game - from the roots and vines to the critics' scores.

I've also (shhh) found some new wines for my $20 and under app - I could hardly believe it, but yes, it is possible to go to Napa and actually BUY a LOT of wine there. More on that soon!

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