Thursday, March 7, 2013

Listen Up - Red Wine Compound the Key to Slowing Aging? Harvard Professor's Research Suggests It Might

On March 8, National Public Radio's Science Friday show will interview Genetics Professor David Sinclair, of Harvard Medical School, whose recent study on red wine and aging in mice demonstrated that a compound in the skin of grapes activates an anti-aging gene in his experiments with mice.

You can hear Sinclair, an Australian researcher interviewed on Australian Broadcasting News' web site here.

The NPR show airs nationally on Friday. You will also be able to listen to the audio archive online or download as a podcast. Details here.

His work has been very controversial in the past.

He does say that reservatrol is indeed the key to anti-aging, but that one would have to get it in higher doses than wine provides.

Here's his 2011 talk from Ted Med:

And an earlier interview with Barbara Walters:

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