Monday, March 18, 2013

Great Cabs of Napa - Organics Among Them

I've been going to a lot of Napa's swankiest Cab producers for research for my new guidebook on Napa's organic vintners and how to buy organically grown wines there.

Sometimes I get so sick and tired of people thinking "organic" wine is not good. So let's review the high end.

Here's a brief list of the 95+ Parker points 2010 Cabs that are (certified) organically grown:

100 Points
Dana Estates (only 300 cases made; don't count on getting any - limited to mailing list members only)

98 Points
Araujo (limited to mailing list members)

96 Points
Staglin $185

95 Points
Chappellet Pritchard Hill $135
Kelly Fleming $98
Spottswoode $145

Other great organically grown Cabs (and more affordably priced) from Napa Valley include:

93 Points
Favia (sold out)

92 Points
Ghost Block $60 (sold out)

Not Listed in Parker (But Should Be Included)
These are among my favoritest Cabs and come from great viticulturists who know a thing or two about great winemaking as well:

Neal Family $75
Volker $75

I'm also offering a tour of these great spots - see

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