Friday, February 9, 2018

Glyphosate Ban Back on German Agenda: Rogue Pro-Glyphosate Ag Minister Sings a New Tune

When Christian Schmidt, the Ag minister of Germany, voted yes to renew glyphosate's license to be sold in Europe last fall, it sent shockwaves through European circles, where the herbicide had become a political hot potato. But with a giant deal between Monsanto (which makes the herbicide) and German-based Bayer deal in the offing, it wasn't that hard to see what was up.

Schmidt's vote to go pro glyphosate renewal was not, however, in accordance with the wishes of his party or the country's leadership. He'd gone rogue, baby, rogue. Now he's been reigned in and forced to agree to a 180.

Angela Merkel's new government reigns in the rogue Ag
minister who prolonged the use of glyphosate in the EU
This week Germany's political leaders announced a new coalition government headed by Merkel that rearranges much - but the glyphosate issue remains, with the majority of the country favoring a ban.

Anti-glyphosate proponents are continuing fight, and this week Schmidt told the press that its use would be limited in Germany and "as soon as possible essentially terminated," according to European press.

No date was set for a ban to take place.

The draft from the new government states; “We will with a systematic minimalization strategy significantly restrict use of plant protection chemicals containing glyphosate, with the goal of fundamentally ending usage as fast as possible.

“We will develop alternatives jointly with the agricultural sector as part of an arable farming strategy which will regulate environmentally friendly and nature-compatible use of plant protection chemicals.”

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