Sunday, February 18, 2018

Belgium Based Concours Mondial Predicts a Bright Future for the "Organic Wine Revolution"

"The Organic wine revolution will continue well into 2018," predicts Concours Mondial in its newest article, Wine Trends That May Shape 2018.

Here's what the international competition's staff says on this topic (boldings mine), reflecting a perspective that is more European and global than the general (mostly non-existent) message in American wine industry circles:
"Consumers are more knowledgeable and curious as to what goes into the wine they consume. Just as foodies focus on what is on their plate, wine lovers will seek out wines made with attention to detail. In 2018, retailers and restaurants will have to figure out new ways of attracting consumers who see the “making of” wine as a key aspect. 
Over the last 3 years, we have seen remarkable growth of nearly 80 % in organic and biodynamic wine entries in the CMB. This is a result of strong consumer interest in both categories. 
Recognizing this market development, we introduced a new category dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines for the first time in 2017. 
The top five countries awarded in the organic category were Italy, France, Spain, China and Portugal. They were closely followed by 3 countries from Eastern Europe: Greece, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Moldova. 
In 2017, the CMB panel distinguished as a genuine “Revelation” in the organic category “Selendi Sarnic Shiraz 2013” from…Turkey. 
We expect more and more key players from various countries across the world to start applying the principles of organic and biodynamic wine growing. Consumers will show an increased awareness of the origin and production methods for wines, favouring organic and local products." 

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