Tuesday, February 27, 2018

At Eco Terreno, Chamomile Has Super Powers

Thanks to Jennifer Tincknell at Eco Terreno for posting this beautiful photo today of chamomile flowers, harvested at Eco Terreno's vineyards in Alexander Valley.

In Biodynamic vineyards, Chamomile is used, along with other plants, in making compost as well as compost teas. Strengthening the vine's health makes the plants better table to withstand pests, diseases and climatic variations.

Research conducted at Washington State University with Dr. John Reganold and Dr. Lynn Carpenter-Boggs has shown that the Biodynamic compost preparations have a significant impact on compost and composting - they make compost burn hotter, mature more quickly and yield higher nitrate levels than compost made without the preparations.

Want to learn more about Biodynamic viticulture? Attend the first International Biodynamic Wine Conference. Tickets go on sale March 1 for Biodynamic Producer Day, a day long program with leading experts from the U.S. and abroad.

Compost experts Will Bakx and August York will present a session on Biodynamic compost. Mike Benziger will be moderating a panel of experts on the Biodynamic preparations. The panel features Joseph Brinkley (vineyard director for Bonterra's 300 acres of Biodynamic vines), Matias Baker (a renowned prep expert), and Brook Levan of Sustainable Settings.

Reganold  will also be at the conference, talking about soil and the microbiome and his research.

Mark your calendar and get your ticket starting Thursday!

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