Monday, August 8, 2016

Mendocino Wine Competition's Organically Grown Double Gold Wines + More

What wines ranked highest in the Mendocino Wine competition this year?

This annual contest is worth a look as it showcases some of the best wines from the heartland of organic vineyards in America.

Vintners here reliably produce some of the best table wines from organic vines as well as notable fine wines.

Judges at the Mendocino Wine Competition: Debra Del Fiorentino, Mike Dunne,
Laura Ness and Mark Bowery. Photo Credit: Chris Sawyer
Double Gold Wines

Cheers are in order for the two organically wines that won Double Gold awards at the 2016 Mendocino Wine Competition this week:

• Briceland Vineyards' 2016 Syrah from Dark Horse Vineyards ($28)

This is a prized site - a Biodynamic vineyard, at high elevation on the east side of Hopland, on volcanic soils - and owned by the Paul Dolan family.

• McFadden's 2011 Late Harvest Riesling ($18)

This vineyard is in Potter Valley, which has a cooler climate than the inland valley surrounding Hopland and Ukiah, where most of the Mendocino wines come from.

Judges included Mike Dunne, Chris Sawyer and more
Here are the other organically grown winners:

Gold Medals

• Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, Girasole, $15

• Merlot, 2014, Bonterra, $15

• Pinot Noir, 2014, Blue Quail (McFadden), $24

• Zinfandel, 2013, Bronco Green Truck, $18

Silver Medals

• Chardonnay, 2014, Handley Cellars, $25

• Pinot Gris, 2015, Blue Quail (McFadden), $18

• Pinot Noir, 2014, Barra of Mendocino, $20

• Pinot Noir, 2013, Handley Cellars, Estate, , $47

• Rosé, 2015 Handley Cellars, $25

• Rosé, 2015, Naughty Boy Vineyards, $19

• Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, Blue Quail (McFadden), $16

• Zinfandel, 2014, Briceland Vineyards, Dark Horse Vineyard,  $25

• Zinfandel, 2014, Bonterra, $16

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