Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Biodynamically Grown U.S. Wine Made New York Times' Eric Asimov's List of 20 Favorite $20 Summer Wines?

Eric Asimov selected 20 wines priced $20 or less for his article this week. Which Biodynamically grown U.S. wine was among them?

Hint: See the photos below to see if you can jog your memory. Or check out our Biodynamic app - which will tell you about this and other great affordably priced wines from Biodynamic vines. Click here.

New York Times: 20 Summer Wines Under $20
Rudy Marchesi and Paco
Winemaker Ben Thomas selects which
native yeasts to use from the winery's
vines to make his 2013 vintages 

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