Friday, May 2, 2014

Get.On.The.Road: Hopland Passport May 3-4

I've blogged about it every year - and here it is - that time of year again…time for Hopland Passport. Look up north.

If it's affordably priced, organically grown wines you seek (instead of giant German conglomerate owned Trader Joe's), just get in the car (or on the phone) and drive to Hopland Passport this weekend. It's only a half hour north of Healdsburg.

This weekend the sales are unbeatable on everyday wines and some finer wines. For $55, visit both one or two days. It'll be a good time with food pairings and entertainment and warm weather.

Wineries with organic vineyards and certified wines include: Campovida (lovely viognier!), Frey, Jeriko, McFadden (don't miss the sparkling), Naughty Boy (good rosé), Nelson Family, Saracina (fine wines from John Fetzer - esp. the Atrea wines) and Terra Savia (a great sparkling wine, in addition to its Chardonnay).

Mendocino's wine culture is often outshined by its neighbors to the south, but Get. Over. It. This is still North Coast wine - and it's damn fine wine for the price. Need I remind you that McFadden's sparkling wine tied with Domaine Carneros' finest in this year's SF Chronicle Wine Competition? Etc. etc.

Lodgings: Want to linger a while? Make a weekend of it? Or take Monday off? You might still be able to snag accommodations at one of these spots (includes enticing vacation rentals).

Location: See where Hopland is.

Can't make it up to Hopland in person? Many wineries will tell you about their specials over the phone and let you buy over the phone. Call the wineries to see where the deals are and get some cases shipped to you. I'm talking everyday, non corporate wines priced from $10-25 a bottle. Sweet.

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