Friday, May 16, 2014

Our New App " Organically Napa: A Tasting and Touring Guide" Has Released!

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There are so many incredibly beautiful spots to enjoy there - and being able to seek out these wines in their homeland, see the vines, and enjoy world class tours and tastings is a delight. I myself am looking forward to a trip to see HALL's spectacular, new art filled St. Helena tasting room and gardens - next week.

We have an ultra basic web site at with links to all of our apps (4…soon to be 5…and counting). We'll be upgrading it over time and adding a Napa specific blog and more background info as well. Like I said - over time.

We are partnering with to offer trip planning advice and tours as well as offering special new content including in-depth winemaker interviews and more.

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Two more apps on Sonoma wines and wineries should be launching soon as well. About to submit Organically Sonoma: Wine Finder next week!

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