Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oregon Wine Documentary - FREE Online

The history of wine isn't often the subject of a documentary, so it's quite a treat to when these stories are told. On my recent trip to Oregon, I picked up a DVD copy of Oregon Public Broadcasting's hour long program Oregon Wine: A Sense of Place, which was for sale in the Eyrie tasting room (fitting indeed as Eyrie started the whole Willamette Pinot thing).

David Lett of Eyrie in the early days
What I just discovered today is that the whole show is online for FREE. So you can enjoy this history from the comfort of your Apple TV (or whatever).

It's interesting to note that many of the Oregon originals, particularly observant of the soil and terroir, now have certified organic vineyards for at least some of their wines - Eyrie, Sokol Blosser. Long may they live.

To see the hour long show (which, sorry, I cannot embed here due to OPB coding of their Vimeo player), go here:

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