Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Find Your Everyday Wine - Occupy Hopland!

The annual Hopland Passport weekend is coming up Oct. 19 and 20th.

This is the single most concentrated and cheapest way to buy affordable, organically grown wine!

For event details see here.

Among the tasting rooms where wine will be on sale (below already affordable prices) are McFadden, Saracina, Golden Vineyards, Naughty Boy, Jeriko, Frey and Terra Savia.

Here are some top picks to look out for:

In downtown Hopland

McFadden - Chardonnay, Brut
Naughty Boy - Pinot Noir, Rose
SIP Mendocino - Golden Vineyards - Coro (Zin blend)
Terra Savia - Chardonnay, Sparkling Rose (of Malbec)

In the area

Saracina - Sauvignon Blanc

Discounted wine prices often range during the sale weekend between $12-20 a bottle. These are the wines that should be in Bay Area food markets - but somehow aren't (unless you live in Mendocino).

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