Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Biodynamic Wine Finder Web Site Launches!

My three apps on Biodynamic® wines are set to launch later this month. In preparation, has launched with a few details about the three apps. Have a look!

Two of the three apps are wine-buying guides. The third is a tasting and touring guide.

1. Biodynamic® Wine Finder - covers 150 Demeter certified wines (Biodynamic® Wine or Made with Biodynamic® Grapes)

2. Biodynamic® Vine Finder - covers 125 wines from Demeter certified vineyards (Biodynamic® vineyards, organically certified wines)

3. Biodynamic Wineries: A Tasting and Touring Guide - a wine visitor's guide to 40 wineries that offer wines from certified vineyards.

Each app includes detailed filters to let you select wines and wineries by a variety of key criteria. More details to come when the apps go live in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned - get on the app launch email invite list by subscribing to this blog's email (see upper right) or sending an email to

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