Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unacceptable Levels Film Coming to SF Green Film Festival in June

Coming soon - a new film about chemicals - including pesticides - in our bodies. Unacceptable Levels will be featured at the SF Green Film Festival Sunday June 2 at 3 pm at New People Cinema in SF.

Of course, the main reason for some people to drink organically grown wines (like I do) is that these growers aren't pouring tons of chemicals into the water, land and air, creating the toxic soup that other growers heavily contribute to.

When people start to realize that cancer and autism are caused at least in part by these chemicals, they will look back on this time as barbaric as leeching to cure illness or spraying DDT - without understanding that it causes birds and fish (and people) to die.

I don't necessarily with everything in the film, since I've read that the filmmaker is concerned about chlorine and fluoride. I am more concerned about pesticides which we KNOW are harmful.

A large number of environmental organizations partnered in sponsoring the film - I hope it will be seen by a wide audience.

A shoutout to local participants:

• Davis Baltz, Precautionary Principle Director at Commonweal in Bolinas

• U.C. Berkeley Professor Tyrone Hayes, known for his pioneering work on atrazine, the popular herbicide that makes frogs change gender - and that is now linked to breast cancer.

You can read more about it on HuffPo.

Here's the movie trailer:


For the first time, the festival will also screen some of its films in Berkeley at the Brower Center, making it easier for East Bay-ers to enjoy a screening.

Get the details here.

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