Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Video: Jerry Seps and Storybook Mountain Vineyards

Continuing on the theme of where to take summer visitors who may be arriving soon, the topic of my last post, let's focus on "Hidden Gems."

One of my top ten favorite organic vintners/wineries in Napa Valley has to be Jerry and Sigrid Seps and Storybook Mountain Vineyards. Organic for 36 years, using no herbicides or insecticides, and leaving the redwoods on the property in place, hear the story of Storybook from founder Jerry Seps.

Then plan a visit. And although the competition is stiff, believe me, this is one of the most beautiful sites in all of Napa.


Since the winery is at the north end of Napa Valley, just a little beyond the town of Calistoga (northwest of the town), you're likely to find a relatively quiet spot here, away from the madding crowd.

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