Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Read This New York Times Editorial - Please: Calamity for Our Most Beneficial Insect

If I could, I would just copy and paste this oped piece into my blog. But you're not supposed to. So please read this on their site:

New York Times Editorial: Calamity for Our Most Beneficial Insect.

And ask your local winemakers not to use neonicotinoids and ask your local, state and federal legislators to pay attention to what the EU is doing (close to banning it) and what the EPA is not doing (and has been sued by beekeepers to do).

My journalism mentor when I first entered the profession, shortly after graduating from college in 1977, was a NYTimes editorial board member, James P. Brown, a Quaker, who wrote oped pieces. (He's long since passed away.) I am proud to see them continuing to say the right thing.

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