Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Never-Ending Nightmare of Uncertified "Organically" Grown Wine

Updated Version (Dec. 2) Organic Wine Exchange just launched - hurray! It's basically the offspring of a Long Beach, California-based wine outfit called Morrys.

I was excited to see what the new web site was up to this week.

If you are looking for wines made with certified organically grown grapes, you will have to read a lot. The site is offering for sale many wines that are - as I put it, "self reportedly organic" - i.e. not certified - but at least they are labeled as such.

A few wines listed are in fact not organic and will be deleted, according to the company's staff.

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  1. Hi Pam, items on the site are not "for sale" just yet. We are still in the Pre-launch Beta stage. We do plan to refine the list as people like yourself point out specific technical hiccups as well as winery information we may not have been aware of. We appreciate your help and knowledge with any knowledge you may have.

    In regards to the tours, we are coordinating these with wineries right now. Not all people who join us will be coming from LA.

    Additionally, in regards to your statement "at least tell us when the wines you are selling are not certified", there is an icon system on the left side of the page (accept the home page) that identifies which wineries are "farmed but not certified". Organic Wine Exchange's mission is to teach people about the different levels of natural wines, the various certifications that can be confusing to the public, and support wineries that are up and coming and may not be certified yet.

    Thank you for staying positive and assisting us in this process.