Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kermit Lynch Wine Tasting - Saturday at Solano Cellars

When have you ever seen a Kermit Lynch wine tasting? If the answer is never, you'd be basically right. So it's a rare treat this Saturday to be able to taste 20-25 French wines, many of them organic, from 2-5 pm at Solano Cellars. The event was publicized in an email blast and on their FB page but does not appear on their web site.

There are still some spaces left.

 While I don't often blog about foreign wines, some of these are organic and are fun to do side by side tastings with their American cousins (okay, or just to drink.) I am currently taking the Country Wines of France wine class at U.C. Berkeley Extension (as I work toward completion of a wine studies certificate) so have been enjoying many Kermit Lynch selections in the class (the majority of which - surprisingly - are organic - which makes you ask the question, are a higher percentage of fine French winemakers organic than in the U.S.? Anecdotally, I would say yes, but if you can point us to some facts and figures, please do.)

Here is the tasting menu. It's $20 to participate or an extra $10 for the VIP add on flights. Call to signup.

You can also find them on FB at

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