Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bliss State: Batic Wines - Natural AND Organic

With Miha Batic and Batic's Rose
I don't usually blog about foreign wines, since my aim is to promote the local organic and biodynamic wines of California (and the Northwest) but that's certainly not to say I don't enjoy wines from other regions.

The burgeoning natural wine movement here is making some exceptional wines, sometimes using organically grown grapes (though they are often not certified). I hope to see them move more into certified sources as we the consumers do our part to move the growers, vintners and industry in that direction.

It was a great pleasure to taste the natural, organic wines from a very old  winery and vineyards in Slovenia, an important place in wine history, since the wines of Slovenia tell us a great deal about how wines from the past taste - in addition to being fantastic wines you will be sure to want to try. Batic was founded in 1594. The wines are mouthfilling, flavorful, and decidedly unlike anything from the U.S.

I'd say the patrons of Punchdown were fairly unanimous in falling in love with the wines of Batic (located in the Vipava Valley). Wednesday we also got extra tastes of the Pinot Gris and a blow-you-away red dessert wine Valentino.

I have already posted the list of wines in the tasting, but just so you know, the Batic flight will continue to be offered at Punchdown so if you haven't tried to taste the past in the present, there's still time.

Batic is distributed here by Blue Danube Wines. You can purchase the wines at Punchdown or online Blue Danube Wines.

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