Monday, May 16, 2011

Discovering New Wine Everyday

I am deep into writing my book Drink Green: 101 Organically Grown Wines for $20 or Less and getting more and more excited as each day brings new discoveries.

Sometimes it's a winery that makes high end wines - but has one or two wines that will fit in this price profile. Lemelson Vineyards comes to mind - today while perusing the wonders of, I discovered that its Pinot Gris wa at a price point I could include. (Alas, the Riesling is not 100% organic.)

Other times, it's discovering new (to me) wineries - two that come to mind are Testa and Trinafour Cellars.  I ate dinner at Ubuntu last week, sampling tastes of organically grown wines, and Trinafour's Muscat was by far the best.

Another (new to me) is Horse and Plow. And Poco a Poco, the low budget label of Porter Bass. And Bink. And Urban Legend. There, now, I've given it all away.

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