Thursday, May 5, 2011

The "Other" Globalization: America's Largest Organic Winery Now Owned by Chileans

Too often Americans think globalization means when We buy Them. We have an inkling we'd better get used to different rules of engagement, what with our economic downfall and all, but's sobering.

I don't know what to make of the acquisition of Fetzer by global giant Vina Concho y Toro. Although former CEO John Fetzer had a positive reaction to the announcement, it makes me nervous...

Fetzer is among the top ten wine brands in the U.S., and sells 3 million cases a year, of which 10% is organic wines from its Bonterra brand. Bonterra is the largest premium organic winery brand.

Fetzer praised the deal, saying the Chilean company's primary business is the wine business, not spirits, which is the focus of Fetzer's former owner Brown-Forman.

Value wines, under $14, the Fetzer and Bonterra price range, are in demand now.

Vina Concho y Toro's purchase will double its U.S. holdings to 6 million cases a year.

I'm just wondering if this means the Ukiah and Hopland sports teams will get new uniforms and if so, which sports will be favored...

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