Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Slow Wine Guide, Part 1: California and Oregon Picks: Biodynamic, Organic Producers Win Top Awards

Alex Davis from Porter Creek Vineyards in Sonoma, which won a Snail award,
at the Slow Wine tasting at Pier 27 Monday. 
Slow Wine released its 2019 guide this week announcing its Snail awards to Italian, California and Oregon wineries. U.S. Organic and Biodynamic producers took 18 out of the 44 U.S. top spots.


Among the top winners for the group's top award - the Snail - were 7 Biodynamic wineries (out of 34 total) from California and 5 Biodynamic wineries (out of 10) from Oregon. The Snail represents wineries with "high quality wines, originality, respect for the land and environment."

That's 20% of the California snails and 50% of the Oregon snails. Considering Biodynamic certification is rather rare, this is a very impressive showing.


• AmByth Estate
• Villa Creek Cellars

• Beckmen Vineyards
• Grimm's Bluff
• Solminer

• Porter Creek Vineyards
• Radio-Coteau

Claire Jarreau, asst. winemaker for Brooks,
which won a Snail award

Willamette Valley AVA

Eola-Amity Hills
• Brooks

Ribbon Ridge
• Brick House

Willamette Valley
• Cooper Mountain Vineyards

Van Duzer Corridor AVA
• Johan Vineyards

Applegate Valley AVA (southern Oregon)
• Troon Vineyard (in transition to BD certification)

I'm happy to say that all but one of these exhibited at the International Biodynamic Wine Conference last year. Bravo to the Snails!


And, of course, more kudos to all of the Snails with certified organic estates! Organic certification in the U.S. is about 2 percent or less, so this is also a very special group of producers.


Anderson Valley

• Drew

Napa Valley

• Frog's Leap
• Matthiasson
• Storybook Mountain Vineyards


Willamette Valley AVA
• Eyrie Vineyards
• Lumos Wine Co.
The Eyrie Pinot from Original Vines also
won a Great Wine award


It is hard work for these producers to farm organically and it's probably not a lot of fun to get certified. But quality and commitment (certification) shows and the extra effort is appreciated. Let it not go unrecognized.

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