Tuesday, March 13, 2018

History Live! Glyphosate Experts Testify on Roundup's Cancer Causing Potential in Federal Court

I attended the gyphosate hearings last week in U.S. District Court in San Francisco - in which science experts for Monsanto and for the 370 plaintiffs suing Monsanto presented their scientific credentials and opinions.

What's remarkable about the hearings is that we can all watch and read what the experts said and the information they presented.

The plaintiffs alleged that Roundup was responsible for giving them non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer. These cases will be heard in jury trials across the country, but the vetting of the experts was bundled together under what is known as multi district litigation (MDL) under Judge Vince Chhabria.

The list of participants in the hearing can be seen here.


This is an historic first - you can see the experts' entire testimony online.

The hearings were videotaped by the court and are online now for all to see.

Although they span five days of hearings, I believe they are very important for anyone who's interested in knowing about the science underlying the cancer risk assessments of glyphosate, including IARC's landmark 2015 ruling. Monsanto has conducted smear campaigns of IARC's findings that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen, saying it's "junk science."

The videos will be used by state judges presiding over the 370 cases filed to date which are expected to go to jury trials.


If you'd like a written summary of the proceedings each day, the best source is U.S. Right to Know's live coverage:

• U.S. Right to Know Live Coverage

Another summary version is posted here:

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman blog


You can also go for a deeper dive into each scientist's testimony. See the full transcripts here:

For the Plaintiffs

• March 5

Dr. Beate Ritz (pages 9-167)
Dr. Dennis Weisenberger (pages 168-213)

• March 6

Dr. Dennis Weisenberger (pages 218-286)
Dr. Alfred Neugut (pages 287-370)

• March 7

Dr. Alfred Neugut (pages 377-401)
Dr. Charles Jameson (pages 402-539)
Dr. Christopher Porter (pages 540-595)

• March 8

Dr. Aaron Blair (pages TBD)
Dr. Matthew Ross (pages TBD)

For Monsanto

Dr. Thomas Rosol (pages TBD)
Christopher Corcoran (pages TBD)

• March 9

For the Plaintiffs
Dr. Nabhan (pages TBD)

For Monsanto
Dr. Mucci (pages TBD)


Limited time? I would prioritize reading and/or viewing the testimony of Dr. Jameson and Dr. Nabhan for the plaintiffs.

Dr. Jameson's video appears beginning in Part 7.
Dr. Nabhan's video appears in Part 17, at 24:00 and extends over subsequent video segments.

For Monsanto, I would recommend the testimony of Dr. Rosol.

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