Sunday, July 10, 2016

Soil Not Oil Conference: Aug. 5-6 in Richmond

The second annual Soil Not Oil conference takes place Aug. 5-6 in Richmond bringing together food, climate and ag activists from around the world. The overarching goal is to reduce reliance on chemical, fossil fueled monocultures and increase sustainable farming systems.

Featured this year:

• Vandana Shiva, seed champion
• Bill McKibben, found and climate activist
• David Montgomery, soil expert and historian, and author of the book, The Hidden Half of Nature.

For more info, see the conference web site at

For a sample of last year's conference, see Fritjof Capra's 2015 presentation:

The Soil Not Oil YouTube channel has more presentations to view including:

2016 Conference Invite

Soil Not Oil YouTube channel

Vandana Shiva 2015 keynote

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