Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Biodynamic Wine Seminar with Adriano Zago Aug. 5-6 at Montinore Estate

Italian Biodynamic wine expert Adriano Zago will be teaching two days of classes in Biodynamics at Montinore Estate, located in Forest Grove, Oregon in the Willamette Valley. One is for a general audience (Sat.) and one day is for a more targeted industry audience.

The Friday class, aimed at the slightly more technical audience will cover many aspects of Biodynamics including Zago's path from viticulturist to agriculturist. He will talk about the BD preps, cover crops, canopy management, composting and more in the Friday morning session.

The afternoon session on Friday will focus on vineyard soil sampling and how to optimize labor and time for Biodynamic practices. Zago will also cover the cellar program for Biodynamic wines.

The Saturday session is aimed at a more general audience.

On both days, lunch is included; it features Biodynamically grown garden produce from Soter Vineyards.

For more information, a detailed agenda, and registration, click here.

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