Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Than a Way with Words: Hugh Johnson's Lovely History of Wine Writing

Sometimes you just have to stand in awe when a master offers up a bouquet of writing that sums up generations of trying to describe the indescribable.

Such is this piece from the World of Fine Wine, in which Hugh Johnson reviews the ways writers have been trying to talk about wine for centuries. It's a tasty morsel, an exquisite sip, a drunk's dictionary...and so much more.

At any rate, if you've ever wanted to see how fashions change in wine writing, or see how so many eloquent people have tried to articulate the sensation of wine, don't miss this.

A brief excerpt to wet your whistle:

"By the 1990s the air was thick with fruit and nuts. If the older literary style of description had largely drawn on the relatively small stock of words to describe color, smell, taste, and structure, the 1980's opened up a vast new field, borrowing descriptions from the whole vegetable world and beyond.

Get thee to it at http://www.worldoffinewine.com/news/from-earnest-bud-to-exotic-flower-4828054/.

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