Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IN PHOTOS: Saturday Seminars - Savoring the Great American Rhones

The Rhone Rangers two day extravaganza this past weekend featured two morning seminars, both led by Wine & Spirits magazine editor Patrick Comiskey, the author of the forthcoming book American Rhones, which U.C. Press is publishing.

Both featured an all star lineup of Rhone winemakers from California.

The first seminar was on rosés, the second on ageworthy Rhones
Bob Lindquist's Marsannes - featured on the left - dramatically
 illustrate the effects of aging Marsanne
The 2013 (left) and 2005 Marsanne (right)
from Qupé (Santa Ynez Valley AVA) -
a world of difference in appearance and
taste; you might want to start buying more
Marsanne for aging, Lindquist suggested.
Neil Collins from Tablas Creek (left) described the
original vision for Tablas Creek (planted in 1992)t
 that he observe now coming to fruition after 20+ years.
On the right is David Gates from Ridge Vineyards.
The two middle wines are the Esprit de Beaucastel (2003)
in the back; the front middle is the Esprit de Tablas (2012);
both are blends of Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache, and Counoise.
On the right are the 2002 and 2012 Ridge Vineyards'
Petite Syrahs.
The 2003 Esprit
After tasting the 2022 Ridge Petite Sirah, I
finally see what all the fuss was about...
Petite rocks! And isn't that what a great tasting
should do - open your eyes? Mission accomplished.

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