Thursday, March 5, 2015

Speakers Announced for Demeter's Biodynamic Short Course in Oregon March 23

If you've ever been curious about Biodynamic wine grape growing and winemaking, Demeter's offering a one day short course March 23 in McMinnville, Oregon. 

The day long event brings together leading experts in the field of Biodynamic grape growing.

The last time this short course was offered was in 2010 (in Rutherford), so this is a rare opportunity to find so much expertise gathered in one room. 

I'll be moderating the event and am looking forward to learning more about this ever, evolving, fascinating agro-ecological system approach. 

To register, visit the Demeter web site.

And if you're interested in more of a farming perspective, check out the first university course on Biodynamic which launches at the end of March in Iowa at Maharishi University. Learn more here.

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