Monday, March 30, 2015

IN PHOTOS: Bob Lindquist of Qupé Wins Rhone Rangers' Lifetime Achievement Award

The Rhone Rangers' Friday gala brought together fans of Rhone wines for a celebration and feast, honoring Qupé founder and winemaker Bob Lindquist with the organization's third Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vintners Robert Haas of Tablas Creek Vineyards and Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyards won in previous years.

Wine writer Patrick Comiskey, whose forthcoming book American Rhone (UC Press) tells the story of the rise Rhone wines in America, introduced Lindquist, and was followed by a tribute video featuring friends and family. 

Following the awards ceremony, the Rhone Rangers auction raised money for its scholarship fund, with vintner contributed special lots fetching thousands of dollars for the cause.

Enjoy these photos:

Bob Lindquist winning the Rhone Rangers Lifetime
Achievement Award
Bob Lindquist and Louisa Sawyer Lindquist with friends at the head table
Feasting on duck, a perfect pairing with Rhone wines.
Louisa Sawyer Lindquist pouring Qupé's
wines during the reception before
the dinner
The video honoring Lindquist featured a memorable Kinks
concert that got Lindquist fired from his job in a wine shop
and hired at Zaca Mesa, on the path to becoming a winemaker 
Lindquist's mom was also featured in the video; Qupé's
best Syrah is named for her
Sonnie Lindquist sharing the moment with her son Bob;
she's the Sonnie Qupé's reserve Syrah is named for 
The Rhone Rangers event also featured a spirited auction
to raise money for a scholarship fund for future winemakers
and got started with the Qupé lot.
Robert Haas, a proprietor and founder of Tablas
Creek Vineyards introduced Lot #2. Haas
won the Rhone Rangers Lifetime Award
 (as the second recipient) in 2014.
Randall Grahm, introducing his Lot #3. Grahm
was the first recipient of the Rhone Rangers'
Lifetime Achievement Award.
Note: Qupé's estate wines come from Biodynamic vines and are made and labeled as "Biodynamic Wine" which means they contain no additives, other than a limited amount of sulfites to preserve the wine.

It's worth noting that the two previous recipients of the Rhone Rangers award both were both either organic or Biodynamic leaders. 

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