Wednesday, June 26, 2013

McFadden Wine Club Party - July 13 in Potter Valley

Rock the vineyard - and camp in it afterward, if you like - at McFadden's annual wine club bash. I went last year - it was one of the more memorable evenings of the year.

A summer's night, under the stars, in a beautiful farm at the northern end of secluded Potter Valley, a paradise if ever there was one.

The food is fabulous - proprietor Guinness McFadden's daughter is a professional chef in San Francisco. The band plays on, with room for you to dance on the dance floor. And there's acres of some of California's finest grapes all around you - and some that have been into wine that you can enjoy from your glass.

Area hoteliers are also offering discounts on rooms, if you don't want to camp. And for the cheap at heart, who need a bed, there's always the $40 rooms at Motel 6 in nearby Ukiah (clean place, and extremely nice staff).

Arrive by 5 pm for the official farm tour with Guinness himself.

See pictures from last year's farm tour here.

The whole thing's a steal at $40 for members or $50 for nonmembers. That's about half of what most wineries charge for such a shindig.

But of course the real reason to go is to have a really fantastic evening and overnight.

Get all the details on the party from the friendliest winery tasting room manager you'll ever meet -  John Cesano - at 707.744.8463.

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