Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conaway: Drinking Is An Agricultural Act

SF Chronicle wine critic Jon Bonne's column in Sunday's wine section featured an interview with Napa chronicler, author James Conaway, whose two nonfiction books (Napa: An American Eden, and the sequel The Far Side of Eden) on the valley's characters, wineries, and history are now legend.

Conaway's written a new fictional account of the valley (or rather a fictional place similar to it) - the novel Nose.

In the Q and A interview, Conaway is quoted as saying, "Michael Pollan says that eating is an agricultural act, but so is drinking wine."

Bravo. This is the reason I am writing this blog - it's time we started paying attention to the way our wines are grown and what our buying options are.

Well said, Mr. Conaway. Well said.

Conaway went on to say, "it's also an environmental act, or should be, and that's often the conflict between talking about doing the right thing and actually doing it."

For those who agree (and who want to taste, tour and patronize the wineries that use the best farming practices), I hope you'll find resources here on this blog to help you discover the wines that embody these values.

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