Monday, July 9, 2012

Symphony of the Soil Debuts: New Film by Deborah Garcia ("Future of Food")

"A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself," says Franklin D. Roosevelt - a quote that graces the web site of the new documentary film about soil from filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia. (Her previous ag film was The Future of Food, about the dangers of GMOs).

Garcia's new film is a head-turning story that will totally change the way you think about "dirt." It should help a wide audience understand just what is happening to our soil (from chemicals that are hardly "conventional" agriculture) and how important it is for our civilization to focus on organic agriculture and soil health. It's all about the microorganisms, bebe!

The film shys away from being anti-Monsanto and goes towards being more pro-soil, a long overdue messaging strategy that is good to put into play.

On June 18, following successful screenings at the DC-based Environmental Film Festival, London's Curzon Theater and New York's Stone Barns, the film debuted in the Bay Area for a friends and family screening (which I attended). Here is a little scrapbook of photos from that event for your enjoyment.

For more about the film, visit its web site here. The site's blog has a good continuous feed as well.

Filmmaker Deborah Garcia at the film's debut party for friends and family June 18 at Fort Mason's Cowell Theater

A dear friend, plant lover and incredible editor Vivien Hillgrove pieced together film shot on several continents over years of shooting
Cinematography Nancy Schiesari (a close friend of mine) shot UK portions of the film. A former UK resident, she teaches cinematography at UT Austin when she isn't making films.

Nancy enjoys a drink at the after party celebrating with John Chader , who shot most of the film - which was filmed everywhere from China to India to Norway

Publisher Malcolm Margolin of Heyday Books was among the many who celebrated at the generous after screening party at the nearby General's House looking out over the bay

For more on the star-studded group of participants in the making of the film, see here. And take a look at the incredible lineup of experts who participated here.


The film will screen Monday, July 30 at 7 pm in Sonoma at Sonoma State as part of the Biochar conference. For details and an excellent synopsis of the film, click here. 

You can also subscribe to the film's email list to be emailed about future events and screenings. DVDs will be for sale in the fall.

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