Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naughty Boy WInery to Double Hopland's Organic Row

Naughty Boy has two
organically grown wines:
a rose and a Pinot
I passed through downtown Hopland this weekend en route to the McFadden Wine Club party up in Potter Valley only to discover that on the site where the latte shop used to be, there were brown-paper covered windows and a legal notice saying that Naughty Boy Winery had applied for a permit here.

Naughty Boy is a tiny winery with reasonably priced organically grown Pinot Noir. One year they took a big prize, winning a top 100 wine in the SF Chronicle's annual selections. 

They also have an organically grown rose (and a not organic Chardonnay). 

Here are some photos from a visit to the winery last summer, when the Scotts graciously hosted a friend and I for a creekside tasting at their five acre place on the Russian River (although it's just a creek here). At that point grower/proprietors Jim and Emjay Scott told me of their plans to open a spot in Hopland - so it's good news to know that it is getting closer to reality.

Naughty Boy vineyard in Potter Valley
Naughty Boy's organically grown offerings come in
two labels - the one for dog lovers and the royal look
Jim leads us to the tasting room ("before" photo) - on the Russian River
Tasting rose on one of the hottest days of the year
Vineyard entrance
Jim and Emjay with The Naughty Boy
(on the site of their facility for making white wine - located on their vineyard/home property)
So now downtown Hopland will have not one but two organically grown wine tasting rooms from little known Potter Valley - and that's a good thing. 

Until the new Naughty Boy tasting room opens up, you can most likely find their wines (in that area) at the Ukiah Natural Foods store. 

The legal notice says Naughty Boy winery has applied
for a permit to sell wine here.
Naughty Boy (organically grown Pinot and Rose)
will be right next door to McFadden's (all organic)

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